God's Little People

A Physician's Odyssey in the Land of the Unborn
A new Book by John Hey, MD

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What People are Saying …

… about God’s Little People

Rev. Henry J. Heijermans:

God’s Little People—it’s a little book with little chapters; Its message is big and merits big readership. It required experience, maturity, honesty, courage, compassion and wisdom to write this invaluable resource and effective tool. Dr. Hey provides godly insight and biblical instruction to his readers. The last chapter is especially poignant.

God’s Little People deserves vast distribution to people who need its counsel as well as to those who are called upon to provide it—parents, ministers, health providers. It should be in the hands of our young people, including for group study and discussion. I want my grandchildren to use it with the greats.

Rev. Henry J. Heijermans, General Director Emeritus of Biblical Ministries Worldwide and former President of Fellowship of Missions, fellow minister of the Gospel, fellow member with Dr. Hey on several boards of directors, fellow traveler in America and abroad, and of course an occasional patient…

Carol Henschel:

Dr. John Hey’s testimony spans the years of his work confirming the value of life, both born and unborn, and needs to be heard.  He is a rare jewel in our society.  A man of medicine who defies the norm and speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves.  The holocaust of abortion in our country is a scathing scar.

Dr. Hey’s strong words speak truth to all of us who care about our communities, our states, and our country.  Life should be protected, in the womb or not, and Dr. Hey’s book challenges us to care beyond the womb and to care about the eternity of those that face the abortion demand. He places value on the life and the eternity of those who read his book and beyond.

Thank you for your words, for your commitment to life and eternity, and for the courage to say so.

Carol Henschel is co-founder and Executive Director of the Jonesboro Crisis Pregnancy Center in Jonesboro, Georgia

George S. Whitten:

As a life long friend of John Hey (we met in high school, and have been friends ever since), I experienced some trepidation when I was given an advance copy of his book. While I knew him to be a master of the entertaining anecdote, would this natural ability transfer to the written word?

The answer is: absolutely!

From the experiences of over fifty years of a diverse medical practice, Dr. Hey has distilled many arresting incidents that bear upon the important topic of the value of human life. I was often brought to tears by seeing the ways in which God used my friend in the life of his patients.

Unlike those who deal with the issue from a theoretical perspective, Dr. Hey was often brought face to face with the reality of people in emotional turmoil dealing with issues they did not want to confront.

This is the ideal book to put in the hands of anyone who is facing an unwanted pregnancy.

George S. Whitten is a teaching elder at Grace Bible Church in Greenwood, Mississippi. He is a retired administrative law judge with the USDA.

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