God's Little People

A Physician's Odyssey in the Land of the Unborn
A new Book by John Hey, MD

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Book Content

Early Interest in Biblical Ethics and the Unborn

Lesson One
Learning to Deliver Babies

Lesson Two
Adoption Ethics and Unwanted Babies

Lesson Three
Ethics of Artificial Insemination and Unknown Babies

Lesson Four
Saving Babies In Traumatic Circumstances

Lesson Five
Confronting Illegal Abortions in the 1960s

Lesson Six
Practicing Obstetric Medicine in the Military Setting

Lesson Seven
Valuing the Unborn in a Foreign Land

Lesson Eight
Private Practice, Sterilization, and Therapeutic Abortion

Lesson Nine
When the Patient and Her Family Insisted Upon An Abortion

Lesson Ten
Grief Over the Loss of a Stillborn Baby

Lesson Eleven
Respect For the Value of the Dead Unborn

Lesson Twelve
God’s Mighty Power To Save A Broken Little Person

Lesson Thirteen
Hireling Preachers and the Personal Cost of Defending the Unborn

Lesson Fourteen
Dangers of Devaluing the Helpless and the Discarded

Summary of the Lessons Learned
Taking Innocent Life, and What God Says About It

Arguments of Abortionists
Destroying Babies for the Mistakes or Sins of the Parents

The Bad News
The Fall, Sin, the Devil, Death, and Eternal Judgment

The Good News
Jesus, the Cross, His Sacrifice, and the Gospel

God Changes the People He Saves!
Sanctification, Discipline, Forgiveness, Cleansing, and Heaven

Washed by His Word
The Bible, the Church, and How God Grows His Children

The King is Coming Again!
The End of Sickness, Sin, and Sorrow, and the Setting of All Things Right

A Baby’s Story of Abortion and Rescue by Jesus

About the Author

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